Friday, December 02, 2005

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Drum Roll!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is!!! My 63 SQ.blanket is finished. Here is Larry on his Birthday with his gahn!!!!


Tandi said...

That turned out awesome. Great job. Looks like it was a hit!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks fantastic!

GinaLaughed said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm jealous that you finished! ;) What an accomplishment! I love looks great!

Anonymous said...

I like the color combination you used, tan, green with black trim. Very masculine. Sometimes I find that a bit of challenge. I've joined so many blog areas in order to leave a comment, I don't know if I have this one, Blogger...will have to check my logs and see if I have a password.
Tried to get into your yahoo blog, but got message page didn't exist.
Stop by my yahoo or msn blog. If you're like me you too have memberships to multiple ones. So, assuming that stop by the one you do and leave a comment.

I have more pictures on my msn one, the 2nd url

Krystal said...

Well Done!! It looks great!!!


Jimmie Lu said...

Thanks everyone!!!