Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello out there

I have been busy getting things organized here and there (Chores really) My secre pal has spoiled me by sending a great pattern for sock monkeys I love it! I have the sp thing figured out. My pal is also my unknow(not any more) pal. And the funny part is that she is also my partner for the pet swap!!! I also joined the purse swap and if I am paired with her there then God must want us to be pals lol!!!
I am finishing up some prijects right now like a piggie and a bear for the nursing home bingo. I am blitzin away making hats and stuff. and I am almost out of stash yarn!!!!!! How totally awesome is me!!!!
My family is doing better and the weather has been warmer. At last!!!!
I guess thats all for now!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My son was drawn!

Angie Jordan was a guest at our schools art night!!! My son wanted to be drawn like the popular charater "Mater" from the movie CARS. She did a fantastic job.
Visit Angies blog @ http://angiejordan.blogspot.com/ or her web site http://mugsandmagic.com/ She was a great hit and the PTO had a good turn out!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wow is it cold here in PA

Today it has been sooooo cold all ya wanna do is stay inside and crochet!!! Sounds great!!! I finished testing some patterns for stormy at crochetville. I love the skunk! Photos soon! I started a set of mittens for the charity blitz. I made them blue for boys BUT the trim seems awfully girlly!!! May have to change that! I am looking to make a bed doll for a charity raffle BUT cant decide on any patterns! Oh well. I am 3 rows into the checkered flag gahn I am making This thing is going to be ENORMOUS!!! Just thought Id check in and ramble a bit! All is well in my corner of the world!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Want to adopt her?

I am starting a rescue for dolls. A local second hand store has loys of great dolls and no one to dress or love them. This is Chrissy! She was loved well. She has been well cleaned and dressed in a beautiful gown and bonnet. Adoption cost is $10 that includes US shipping I will overseas ship for the actual cost to send. Anyone want to give her a new home? Email me at fivefold@epix.net

Ballet dancer anyone

Here she is!!! I just love how easy this pattern worked up! Its from a old annies crochet pattern digest. She is adoreable and I want to make some more in other colors for the craft fair this year!!! Like her? Want her? I will gladly sell just send me an email for info!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ouch where did the month go?

I can not believe a month ago I promised updates and photos. Well once again sickness struck our house and I had a bad bought with broncitus. I am doing much better now and will (God willing) have some photos to share soon.
Afgahns for Amegios update!!! Sqs sqs and yes more sqs have been being joined by 2 great ladies my mom first of all who does not crochet has taken to the task of joining sqs God bless her!!! Then one day she decided she too needed to learn to do a boarder so that her gahns look finished and low and behold she is doing a very simple boarder of HDC around her gahns! The second wonderful lady I met just after the holidays and she is a crocheting machine!!! i bring her a box of sqs one sunday and the next she wants to trade the gahns for sqs I mean she is doing 6 gahns a week boarder and all. Linda you are truely a God sent and we appreciate all your hard work!
Family update!!! My dad had to have yet another stent put into his heart this past week. He is worried there will soon be no where else to go with a stent. He will be 74 on Sat. Happy Birthday PAP!!!! The kids are recovering from flu like symptoms and hubby and I are recovering from broncitius!
Traveling hook update!!!! Shes traveling thru the great state of Texas!!! I think Drew has her now!!! I can not wait to see the beautiful sqs he creates with that awesome hook. I figure we will be finishing up sometime this summer thats a great time to assemble an afgahn????
CAL Update! Well the stole I was working on is still lying in the basket with 2 rows done on it!!!! Hunh!!!! The argumi along I can say I am done but hey those critters are so stinkin cute ya just cant quit making them. The bedspread CAl is comeing along great I have almost the third row done!!!
SP SWAP! I got me a secret pal and I dont know who she is! I am not tring to figure it out since the last swap I did was accidently revieled and I really wanted to be surprized! I dont think my partner knows who I am at least I hope I didnt sign my name to any thing!!!
SWAP updates! I joind 2 new swaps over at the ville the pet swap for my precious Boston Terrier "MIA" and the spring purse tote swap!
I guess thats all the updateing that needs updated! I will try in the next week to add some photos of all this crocheting I "claim" I am doing lol
Have a fantastic week!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh my Feb already

Can you belive it? I have a hard time realizing that it is the first of Feb. I have been busy busy with lots of stuff.I promise to get some photos up here soon. I have been using the laptop and not the home computer so I have lots of pics on the camera and will try this weekend to get them up to the blog!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hey Bullies

Please leave our kids alone !!! I am writting in protest of recent bulling my 12 yr old is suffering! This form of girl bulling is not thought of as such but it is what it is. Until Aug. of 2006 my children were homeschooled and did not have to learn the school thing until now. A girl my daughter befriended at the beginning of the school year has turned on her not wanting to be her friend/teasing etc... So from us moms we say Bullies leave our kids alone. We will not stand for it or tollerate it. PLAY NICE!!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shopping = YARN

Yep eventhough I am trying to destash I went shopping today. I was pretty good I think I got only 9 skeins of Red Heart and one peaches and cream. I was only getting 4 skeins untill this voice of reason (my husband) said go ahead Ill give you $10 more. lol
Its ok because I am making berevment blankets for the Feb Blitz. Caps and fingerless gloves for the troops,and cancer caps. So the yarn is all being used for a great cause! Ok I am just rationalizing now arent I.
I was working on a WIP and the doll just needs hair and one more shoe to be finished. Phew thats one I never ever thought Id finish. Next WIP to bite the dust is the blue childs pullover sweater I am making for the Community fair in Sept. Plenty of time right. Yeah right It was sopose to be finished for last years fair.
After that who knows.
After all what would the world be like with out yarn junkies in it?

Well Tackel it tuesday came and went

and the only thing I tackled was the laundry! lol and that wasnt that bad! The main place I want to tackle will come next week. No photos until its done.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

amigurumi swap

Swapin is so darn fun and so are these cute little creatures. You can swap 1 or 2 or as many as you like. email me at fivefold@epix.net with your name address and amount of amigurumi's you wanna swap. US and Canadian swapers only please. and here is a great site for free patterns
So who is with me?????

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Guess what? Yesterday I ran to my mom's for a visit with the kids having a day off it was a good day to go. As most of you know she helps with sqs for the amegios project. Well she does not crochet she just whips the sqs together and I do a boarder. So I picked up 2 yesterday and the surprise is she crocheted a boarder herself on the 2 she did. I am real proud of her. Now all she needs to learn is a basic granny and I'll be in good shape. lol
Its been cold today and a few snowflakes were flying outside. I dont think we are gonna get much!
I have been working on my BedSpread bonanza from over at the Ville. I have a full row done and have a bunch of white sqs done. I am doing a checkered flag for the race driver/fan in my extended family.
My step-dad asked for more rows to be added to the gahn I made for his bed. Its a twin size Mile-A-Minute gahn. So maybe he will get 2 more rows.
I want to work on my doll tonight to try and get another WIP done. She needs sleves/bloomers/and the rest of her hair added on. I started this one to enter into the fair.I have a whole list of junk to do for the fair.
Selling crochet.
Well Its my plan to do a few craft sales this year. My friend Linda and I are gonna do some stuff together. If all goes well maybe we will do the Hegins craft sale in the fall. Its a bit more costly but hey they get LARGE crowds.
I have been getting RAOKed with some sqs to make myself a afgahn. One even from Canada!!! Thanks a ton.
I am sending my Jan blitz package this week and have 3 blankies done so far for Feb. I have also been working on cancer caps and some items for operation tosty toes for the soldigers.
Well have a great crocheting week!!!!! I know I will

Friday, January 12, 2007

Thanks everyone

for the great response to my new look. The snow didnt last and we did not have enough to close schools or get out the sleds.
I have finished a few WIPs but am stuck on this doll I am making. I am trying to finish the dress tonight.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yes finnally we are having snow. Seems like as soon as the kids left for school it started. We live in the mountians and the roads can get nasty. But the fireplace is roaring and I am toasty warm!!! Now where is my crochet hook?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One of my WIPs was this lap robe

I will be taking this over to the nursing home as soon as I finish the other granny sq one I have started! Its folded in half!

My Scarf for the C'Ville scarf cal

Here is the Potato Chip scarf I made for the Cal over at crochetville.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh my is it

2007 already???????
Where did 2006 go?
Ok so I am VERY behind on blogging Sorry Alot has happened and I am not sure where to begin!
Update on my dad
Some of you know he was sick after Christmas and needed stents replaced in his heart. Hid blood count is now coming back to where it should be and he is still weak but recovering. He gave us all quite a scare.
I cleaned out one of my many yarn cabinets yesterday and found about 10 projects that need finished so I am working on some WIPs. I joind a few CALs at the ville already including the Ripple along I am doing a round ripple to enter in the fair and then it will go to the Afgahns for Amegios project. I joined the BedSpread Bonanza. I am making a queen size checkered flad for my step-brothers son and soon to be new wife. He drives race cars! I joined and finished the scarf CAL (photos soon coming)
While we established on paper our ministry that we have been working for years we are now building a web page stop by and check us out at www.fivefold.freewebspace.com

And with Larry and the Kids evry one is doing good
Larry has finished his garage and should soon start my craft room YEAH!!!
2007 will be an awesome year!!