Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Guess what? Yesterday I ran to my mom's for a visit with the kids having a day off it was a good day to go. As most of you know she helps with sqs for the amegios project. Well she does not crochet she just whips the sqs together and I do a boarder. So I picked up 2 yesterday and the surprise is she crocheted a boarder herself on the 2 she did. I am real proud of her. Now all she needs to learn is a basic granny and I'll be in good shape. lol
Its been cold today and a few snowflakes were flying outside. I dont think we are gonna get much!
I have been working on my BedSpread bonanza from over at the Ville. I have a full row done and have a bunch of white sqs done. I am doing a checkered flag for the race driver/fan in my extended family.
My step-dad asked for more rows to be added to the gahn I made for his bed. Its a twin size Mile-A-Minute gahn. So maybe he will get 2 more rows.
I want to work on my doll tonight to try and get another WIP done. She needs sleves/bloomers/and the rest of her hair added on. I started this one to enter into the fair.I have a whole list of junk to do for the fair.
Selling crochet.
Well Its my plan to do a few craft sales this year. My friend Linda and I are gonna do some stuff together. If all goes well maybe we will do the Hegins craft sale in the fall. Its a bit more costly but hey they get LARGE crowds.
I have been getting RAOKed with some sqs to make myself a afgahn. One even from Canada!!! Thanks a ton.
I am sending my Jan blitz package this week and have 3 blankies done so far for Feb. I have also been working on cancer caps and some items for operation tosty toes for the soldigers.
Well have a great crocheting week!!!!! I know I will

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