Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh my is it

2007 already???????
Where did 2006 go?
Ok so I am VERY behind on blogging Sorry Alot has happened and I am not sure where to begin!
Update on my dad
Some of you know he was sick after Christmas and needed stents replaced in his heart. Hid blood count is now coming back to where it should be and he is still weak but recovering. He gave us all quite a scare.
I cleaned out one of my many yarn cabinets yesterday and found about 10 projects that need finished so I am working on some WIPs. I joind a few CALs at the ville already including the Ripple along I am doing a round ripple to enter in the fair and then it will go to the Afgahns for Amegios project. I joined the BedSpread Bonanza. I am making a queen size checkered flad for my step-brothers son and soon to be new wife. He drives race cars! I joined and finished the scarf CAL (photos soon coming)
While we established on paper our ministry that we have been working for years we are now building a web page stop by and check us out at

And with Larry and the Kids evry one is doing good
Larry has finished his garage and should soon start my craft room YEAH!!!
2007 will be an awesome year!!

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