Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shopping = YARN

Yep eventhough I am trying to destash I went shopping today. I was pretty good I think I got only 9 skeins of Red Heart and one peaches and cream. I was only getting 4 skeins untill this voice of reason (my husband) said go ahead Ill give you $10 more. lol
Its ok because I am making berevment blankets for the Feb Blitz. Caps and fingerless gloves for the troops,and cancer caps. So the yarn is all being used for a great cause! Ok I am just rationalizing now arent I.
I was working on a WIP and the doll just needs hair and one more shoe to be finished. Phew thats one I never ever thought Id finish. Next WIP to bite the dust is the blue childs pullover sweater I am making for the Community fair in Sept. Plenty of time right. Yeah right It was sopose to be finished for last years fair.
After that who knows.
After all what would the world be like with out yarn junkies in it?

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