Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hey Bullies

Please leave our kids alone !!! I am writting in protest of recent bulling my 12 yr old is suffering! This form of girl bulling is not thought of as such but it is what it is. Until Aug. of 2006 my children were homeschooled and did not have to learn the school thing until now. A girl my daughter befriended at the beginning of the school year has turned on her not wanting to be her friend/teasing etc... So from us moms we say Bullies leave our kids alone. We will not stand for it or tollerate it. PLAY NICE!!!!


Melissa said...

Hi Jimmie Lou,
Unfortunately, bullying does not stop in childhood. In recent years, I have been the victim of a bully and I am 42. The bully is 47. I think this woman is stuck in 7th grade. I will pray for your daughter and you as I know you are hurting for her.

Anonymous said...

get your daughter to try and start a ppink shirt campaign .. started by some kids in canada who were bullecd