Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It seems so sad to me

I dropped by a blog today it was a new one Id not been there before. and this person seemed so sad that a few months ago her broken finger went completly unnoticed. that seems so sad to me. If you read this and feel the same as me what ever board you frequent Cville calpals or crochetmania find the RAOK board then find someone who wasnt RAOKed yet or in a long time and grant a wish. This way we will all make someone smile.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pass the sq getting started

Ok ladies today we start!!!! You all should start by making a 12 inch sq. Then you should pass the sq to the person under your name on the address list I will email you all later today. Note you will always pass the sq you are working on to the same person. When the sq is recieved you should add a minimum of 8 rounds to the sq.There are 9 people working so when you get the 9th sq thatone is yours and you add as many rows/rounds as you like. I am asking you to put a tag on the sq with your name and addy so you know who had this gahn and for well I just like the info on this friendship quilt. Check this blog to see progress and feel free to post here if you like. I hope this was not too confusing. If you have questions please post or email me at Have fun

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So here is some updates on my projects
Scrapgahn CAL @ Cville= Done
Hat a week CAL @ Cville=17/24 done
Purse swap @ Crochetmania= 1 week for sign ups
Pass the sq=Starts next monday I will be emailing you gals all the info by friday
Traveling hook= On its way to CT.
Latest adventure= Irish crochet
Charity blitz=hats for cancer center 6 of my own
Add it all together makes me one busy lady!!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just another day Kinda

Today was just another sat. so far! I am a bit excited about the recent DVD purchase of "The man who shot liberty vallance" Staring John Wayne and James Stewart. I love the old John Wayne classics I like them when I crochet. It also id my hubby's fav movies also. I am a sq and a half away from being done with the scrap gahn CAL. It will be a beauty that I will take along to Mexico in November. Ive been a bit busy with summer day stuff and tomorrow my middle sone turns 10! Boy do they grow fast! I also started listing at ebay again put up some sock yarn and mohair. Incase you wanna see my ebay user is fivefold5
Tomorrow will be a full day with nursing home ministry and a birthday/dads day cook out! As for tonight my 2 fav guys (my hubby and John Wayne) and my fav pass time CROCHET!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Traveling hook begins journey!

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This is my house a few weeks ago when the hook was in PA for a visit!!! Our front bank gets covered in flowers it is beautiful. The hook is traveling now and should return to me in the fall sometime.

Just another day on the mountian

Well today I had to run miles to the doc to find out my little guy has pink eye and on the weekend we had so many parties to go to. erggg and then wait until meds were ready ughhh I need my hook to relax! On top I barely slept last night because of our visitor my moms Boston terrier is here for a week and the 2 of them together hummmm no sleep they are bed hogs! and her dog snores!!
and a bit ago my hubby killed our 2nd copperhead snake for the season this is the 3rd snake this year. While dont get me wrong I love it here in the country but these creatures can move out and I wont cry! Busy busy I have to move the washer and dryer tomorrow because of the mouse that has evaded traps for days is living under there we know because we saw him! And moma says he can not stay!
So thats it like an alcoholic needs a beer I need some homespun and a hook and away will go my cares for the night! John Wayne here I come!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pass the sq

The idea is that we each start a granny you add 1 round and mail it on to the next person. We will all have a sq to work on and at the end we will all have a nice throw that has traveled all over and many friends have worked onstart.any yarns! any colors! any takers? if so email me at with pass the sq in the subject line and then watch my blog. Info to include your name address and a blog addy if you have one. Lets go this will be fun!

Kitchen bath swap at Crochetville

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Dont ya just love all my goodies I know I sure do!!!! My partner sure spoiled me with wonderful items like a pie plate carrier I will surely use this since I am queen of pies in both Larry's family and my own. Also she sent me dishcloths for our trip to Mexico for to give away there. Thay were all so beautiful!!! I had a blast with this swap!!! Thank you swap partner!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

A compfort gahn for my dad

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As some of you know my dad had a heart attach a few weeks ago. My friends at sent me sqs to make a gahn and he loves it. He said to thank all of you wonderful ladies he knows his daughter has good friends! So Thank you all!!!!

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Here are 4 of the hats I did trying to catch up to the others on the hat a week cal over at crochetville

New pattern

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This is my new slipper pattern which is coming to my crochet this pattern site real soon!!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

West Va here we come

This Sat we are headed for a 5 hour drive to West Va for a church trip just over night you know. 10 hours with nothing to do but crochet!!!! Hummm what wonderful things will I make????
Tune in Monday and find out!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My mail lady must have read my post!!!! I got bookmarkers this week so far and my kitchen/bath swap box full of wonderful goodies. My hubby says "what do you do to get this wonderful stuff?" Guess I am loved after all!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The post man has been mean to me!

I love getting RAOKED and SWAPS all that fun jazz to spice up crochet. Well my post man(actually its a very nice lady God bless her) hasnt brought me anything this past week and It makes me sad. So sad I sent out 2 yes 2 RAOKs and 2 of my swaps. Maybe she will be nice this week. I live at the end of the line (the campground it farther but he do they really count) And my post lady is always in such a good mood when she stops. If she toots her horn I get so excited and so do my children. That means she has a package that wont fit(I love those) Yippeeee

Today I finished up my Dawn purse by the crochet dude !!! Love it Using it!! wanta another (or 5) Great pattern except for a type O I found which reminds me I need to send him a message. I chose blue and white (my favorite colors which also are my high school colors)

We are busy making plans for the return trip to Mexico in November and I am struggling to find a use for this (what seems to be industrial stregnth cord) Yarn. Not really sure its yarn to be honest and I am not so sure I will really want another new project making rugs. If any body wants to make a rug or 2 for our missions in Mexico Id be glad to send this stuff so you could do it! lol

I am about to have my life completely changed the 3 children I love and homeschooled for all their lives have decided (with the approval of Us) they want to go to school. Hummm A whole day with out school work what ever shall I do? Hummm probably clean my house really good and then CROCHET!!!! I have been thinking of job hunting but again maybe I will make crafts and go to markets. Here in PA we have 1 on a weneday, a thursday and ones that go all weekend long. So maybe................... humm!!!

I guess thats about all for now!! I need to hop to it and work on my SIL afgahn her wedding is 3 weeks away and I just started ummmm ok I admit I didnt start yet. Guess I better get my hook in gear!!!