Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just another day on the mountian

Well today I had to run miles to the doc to find out my little guy has pink eye and on the weekend we had so many parties to go to. erggg and then wait until meds were ready ughhh I need my hook to relax! On top I barely slept last night because of our visitor my moms Boston terrier is here for a week and the 2 of them together hummmm no sleep they are bed hogs! and her dog snores!!
and a bit ago my hubby killed our 2nd copperhead snake for the season this is the 3rd snake this year. While dont get me wrong I love it here in the country but these creatures can move out and I wont cry! Busy busy I have to move the washer and dryer tomorrow because of the mouse that has evaded traps for days is living under there we know because we saw him! And moma says he can not stay!
So thats it like an alcoholic needs a beer I need some homespun and a hook and away will go my cares for the night! John Wayne here I come!

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