Sunday, June 04, 2006

The post man has been mean to me!

I love getting RAOKED and SWAPS all that fun jazz to spice up crochet. Well my post man(actually its a very nice lady God bless her) hasnt brought me anything this past week and It makes me sad. So sad I sent out 2 yes 2 RAOKs and 2 of my swaps. Maybe she will be nice this week. I live at the end of the line (the campground it farther but he do they really count) And my post lady is always in such a good mood when she stops. If she toots her horn I get so excited and so do my children. That means she has a package that wont fit(I love those) Yippeeee

Today I finished up my Dawn purse by the crochet dude !!! Love it Using it!! wanta another (or 5) Great pattern except for a type O I found which reminds me I need to send him a message. I chose blue and white (my favorite colors which also are my high school colors)

We are busy making plans for the return trip to Mexico in November and I am struggling to find a use for this (what seems to be industrial stregnth cord) Yarn. Not really sure its yarn to be honest and I am not so sure I will really want another new project making rugs. If any body wants to make a rug or 2 for our missions in Mexico Id be glad to send this stuff so you could do it! lol

I am about to have my life completely changed the 3 children I love and homeschooled for all their lives have decided (with the approval of Us) they want to go to school. Hummm A whole day with out school work what ever shall I do? Hummm probably clean my house really good and then CROCHET!!!! I have been thinking of job hunting but again maybe I will make crafts and go to markets. Here in PA we have 1 on a weneday, a thursday and ones that go all weekend long. So maybe................... humm!!!

I guess thats about all for now!! I need to hop to it and work on my SIL afgahn her wedding is 3 weeks away and I just started ummmm ok I admit I didnt start yet. Guess I better get my hook in gear!!!


angelfire said...

I know what you mean about the postman'woman. I have RAOK'd several times but received not one...not complaining because that is what RAOK is all about. I don't think you will ever be bored. You are such a busy, giving lady that crocheting could overtake everything if you allowed it to. LOL I am glad that you like your purse it does look like a great pattern to try.

Roli said...

Hey Jimmie Lu, I'm IN that campground at the end of the line! Don't count me out! LOL I just stopped by your blog to see what you've been up to and I see that you are out of town. Have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

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