Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hey heres whats new in my corner of PA

Well since our return from Mexico I have been busy with a capitol B writting a newsletter printing photos and visiting churches and if that were not enough ministry we are planning a trip to West VA and Missouri this summer and another trip into Mexico this fall. Phew!
This leaves little time for crochet. I have joined a few swaps and am in some CALs too. Busy busy. This fall my children will go to Public school rather then homeschool. So I will have lots of free time "what to do what to do?"
I know Crochet!!!!
I am also co-ordinating the traveling hook. Wow I am a busy lady!
Most importantly for the month of June The blitzers are working on cancer caps and I am donating 2 cents for every hat donated 1 cent for American cancer society and 1 cent for breast cancer research So bust my piggy bank ladies its for a great cause!!
Crocheting helps me stay sane! lol
Whats everyone else up to?

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Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!