Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello out there

I have been busy getting things organized here and there (Chores really) My secre pal has spoiled me by sending a great pattern for sock monkeys I love it! I have the sp thing figured out. My pal is also my unknow(not any more) pal. And the funny part is that she is also my partner for the pet swap!!! I also joined the purse swap and if I am paired with her there then God must want us to be pals lol!!!
I am finishing up some prijects right now like a piggie and a bear for the nursing home bingo. I am blitzin away making hats and stuff. and I am almost out of stash yarn!!!!!! How totally awesome is me!!!!
My family is doing better and the weather has been warmer. At last!!!!
I guess thats all for now!

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