Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wow is it cold here in PA

Today it has been sooooo cold all ya wanna do is stay inside and crochet!!! Sounds great!!! I finished testing some patterns for stormy at crochetville. I love the skunk! Photos soon! I started a set of mittens for the charity blitz. I made them blue for boys BUT the trim seems awfully girlly!!! May have to change that! I am looking to make a bed doll for a charity raffle BUT cant decide on any patterns! Oh well. I am 3 rows into the checkered flag gahn I am making This thing is going to be ENORMOUS!!! Just thought Id check in and ramble a bit! All is well in my corner of the world!

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Allena said...

i live in PA too. and it was cold here, we got tons of snow too! UGH the weather!