Saturday, March 10, 2007

My son was drawn!

Angie Jordan was a guest at our schools art night!!! My son wanted to be drawn like the popular charater "Mater" from the movie CARS. She did a fantastic job.
Visit Angies blog @ or her web site She was a great hit and the PTO had a good turn out!


Lea said...

That is so cute!! She did a great job with it! What a cutie!

Jimmie Lu said...

Thanks He is a ham too cant you tell???? He loved getting it done and it went fast also about 5 minutes and she was done!!!!

Angie said...

Hey! I came across your site,and noticed my name and drawing that I sketched at Art Day for your son! Thanks for posting him with pic!

Your crocheting is really neat, too! I like the ballerina!

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