Friday, July 14, 2006

My life whats new whats wrong and maybe some good

Oh boy where shall I start. Lets talk crochet! I am finishing my sqs for the sq swap so I can send them and be done. For each sq I made one to keep and one to send so instead of 12 sqs I will have 24 making a bigger gahn right? Maybe 2 small ones? Didnt decide yet. I then need to REORGANIZE all my stuff it is everywhere. I am finishing my 35 sq gahn for the community fair. We have mostly quilters in my area so I dont really know who my competiton will be as this is the first one I am entering. I made the sqs in cream and am edging in a beautiful varrigated RED HEART called Spice. Found it at the local(35 miles away) Ben Franklin.
Now for a personal note besides being horrible sick for the 3rd day I got news that a niece attempted suicide. This has been heart breaking among some family members including my mom. My nephew went and eloped just a few months before his sister was set to be married in Germany. Hunh Go figure!
Our Motor home has been listed on ebay. I am happy and sad. I like the traveling in it and all but for now our mission work requires flying so it is being unused.
Yesterday we hit Walmart for some very early back to school bargins. As some of you know for 8 + years I have homeschooled. A few months ago my dd sprung a bomb on me. She said "mom I wanna be a nurse" at 11 thats a big decision so we did the normal homeschool thing and researched it and she spent time at work with a nurse whish just assured her decission. So now I am a fairly intellegent woman and spoke to her about going to school. She loved the idea and sadly so did my 2 sons. lol So now this year all 3 are going to Tri Valley(go DAWGS) There was s different feeling shopping for going to school stuff than there was a year ago when we were buying homeschool stuff. First I am not scouring the internet looking for books. So I am already starting to see some free time. What do you sopose I will do with my free time? hummm I just dont know. I have been thinking of getting a real estate licence.
So thats about whats new. And again my buttons are on the floor. I sure wish they'd stay on the side where they belong. This is an ongoing problem for me lol if thats my biggest problem I got no problems

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