Saturday, July 22, 2006

Still down

I can not believe we are still unable to access the internet from home. Oh well at least I am not to sick to crochet anymore.

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CrochetManiacs said...

Hey girl, sorry about your internet going Kaflewy on ya. Mine did that about a month ago. Was sure glad when it all got back up where it was suppose to be. I missed my internet friends a bunch.
I was just trying to see if I could contact you here to check on the Mystery Box that was delivered to your house on Aug. 16th.
Is it ready now to send on to Fiona? She is so very anxious to know if it is, and looking forward to getting it. I posted at the Mania and told all that you may have needed a little bit of time till you were well and back online. When you get the first chance, please do come over and post for the girls on the Mania and update them, for they are anxious to know when they will be getting the box.
Glad you are online some even, that is always better than not at all.
Hope you are feeling better and give us a yell soon at the Mania.
We are worried about you and need to hear from you.
In our prayers.
From Kathy and all members at the Mania