Saturday, September 09, 2006

Public appology

Due to my lacking computer that seems to be still having trouble I have been absent. First I wish to appologize to my friends at crochetmania. Since my puter went down I have been unable to access the web site as well as others. I have let swap obligations suffer and have been unable to say why here on my blog as it was too unaccessable to me. I was unable to email from the library as they do not allow emailing there(long story) I have let some of you down with the mysterybox which is safely in my care and will be mailed by next week. I also have not sent my tote not kitchen items which also shall be in the mail by next week. To my partners who have had to wait I truely from my heart am sorry. This computer thing has eatten up my spare money that I use for shipping.
Next I wish to appologize to Lucy @ calPals who I have not sent cards to as I should and am sorry. Your cards were lovely and I am just a slacker with a lot on my plate right now. Also my obligation for the survivor was also badly interrupted there when the package I sent with a beautiful towl and wash cloths was eaten by the post office machines and un salvageable. I also am sorry for any other obligations there I may have missed.
Lastly for the pass the sq people who signed up and started to work sqs and sent them to me I also must appologize. when I got sick my husband packed up some items and the sqs was one of those and when cleaning I found them. I have 2 sqs here that need passed however it seems a bust and no one has asked questions except one person. the sqs I have I will add my rows and return them to the original owner for you to finish up.
Too all my friends I am sorry I have not pulled my weight. I am the weakest link today and I appologize. I sincerly mean that and hope we can all still be buddies.


Lisa said...

We all have our bumps.....sometimes big ol' potholes.....
Glad to see you're back and active again!!

Kimberly said...

Well it's good to see you up & running again. Could you maybe e-mail other pass the square-ers and ask them to return the squares to the original owners,too, if they still have them? Thanks!

Trish said...

I loved the pass the square idea. Would you mind if I started my own list for a pass the square thingy?? I have one that needs to be returned to the owner, i added my rows already and i have a 12 inche square that i started for myself.

I just loved this idea and would hate for it to die :(