Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Crochet along updates

My 63 sq gahn is almost complete I have only 2 rows to crochet and piece together.

Holiday exchange was shipped and she recieved it already

Pillowgahn- Done and started a second one

feet need socks- Jimmie needs a simpler pattern not going well at all

Recycle CAL- I have my items to be frogged just need to decide what to make

Coaster along-Finished a set/lost the same set/started a new set


Anonymous said...

Go, Jimmie Lu, go! Do share your new sock pattern if you every find one. I'm still looking for one I can follow too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jimmie Lu said...

I wonder if slippers count I will have to ask I like making the granny sq. set they are very easy!!!