Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ok I have unofficially given up

On making those beautiful buttons appear on my blog. I am done for now until someone takes pity on me and helps!!!
I started this blog si I could add patterns and give the scoup on my crochet projects I have somehow some where gotten off course!!!
But that is me when I want something I will loose sleep until I can do it. I do love a challenge!!!!
I am involved in several crochet alongs and am trying to get my photos to photo bucket and then here that is another trial I cant seem to blog my pictures either I need serious help people!~!!
And a little prayer!!


Debi said...

Hi Jimmie,
You'll eventually get the hang of putting buttons on your blog. I would beg my son to work on my blog when he came home for visits! I have finally learned how to do those buttons!

Anonymous said...

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